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Marketing isn't complicated, it's just a little complex.

Like an engine with many small and different moving parts all working in unison together. You need to keep maintaining it for it to perform as it should.


In simple terms, marketing is all about getting your message out there and keeping it in front of people. It's about your brand, your authority within the marketplace, and how people view you.

It's all about getting people to like, love and trusts you enough to spend their money with you and to keep them wanting come back for more.

Using many small and different strategies combined working in union together, and that's what we do best!


Like the engine, If it's not performing properly, then you need to call a mechanic.

So if your marketing isn't performing as it should, then you need to call us!


Our Re-Think comprehensive marketing assessment will help diagnose your marketing and sort of any problems that you may be experiencing and recommend improvements.

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Marketing Madness was created by MJ to help small local businesses brake through the seemingly impossible barriers that businesses face and struggle with when it comes to their marketing.

Who's MJ?