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(Progressive Web Apps)

What Are PWA's?


PWA's 'Progressive Web Apps' are rapidly replacing Native Apps.


Compared to the Native Apps, the PWA's are more preferred because of these following reasons:

  • No downloading required. No searching an App Store to download a PWA. Launch directly from a URL. When you visit the app for the first time, it will show a popup asking you to add the PWA on your phone's home screen. with just one click you have a PWA installed quickly and effortlessly on your phone for instant access.
  • PWA's takes up a fraction of the phones memory space.
  • PWA still works even under uncertain or no networks as long as you have visited the site.
  • It’s simple and instant to update PWA's.
  • It can be searched by search engines just like web pages.
  • Compatible with all devices on all platforms.

Progressive Web App solves all the major problem faced by customers and also helps businesses increase higher conversion rates.

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... and that's why we use PWA's.