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Why Should Your Business Have An App?

People spend more time using apps than any other media available, including TV!

91% of mobile users keep their phones with them at all times, even when they go to the bathroom and to bed.


A mobile app is an incredible way to connect with your customers and opens up new communication channels. Having an app encourages your customers to place more orders, it promotes more bookings and appointments, it helps them to find you easier and to stay in touch more often, it builds loyalty and gives your customers a unique buying experience, which in turn, increases revenue and profits.


There are approx 79 Million SmartPhone users in the UK with
a population of just 66 Million!*

* 61 percent of households in the UK have two smartphones or more, according to figures from Ofcom. Less than 4% of households are without a mobile phone. Over 20% of households report being Mobile Only foregoing a fixed landline. (S. O'Dea, Aug 9, 2019)

Interesting facts...

(Click Images to enlarge)

(Click Images to enlarge)

In 2019 in the UK there were just over 30 Million Facebook users spending just over 30 minutes per day and just under 14 Million Twiter users spending an average of 2 hours per day. ( - 


Whereas, there are currently 79+ Million SmartPhone users in the UK with the average person spending approx 4.5 hours per day on their smartphone.


BUT! Only 15% of businesses are tapping into this every increasing market by using a mobile strategy! For the other 85% of businesses, this could result in;

  • Loss of Revenue
  • Lack of Customer Loyalty
  • Poor Customer Experience
  • Poor Communication
  • Getting Left Behind

Better Communication Between You and Your Customers...

= Better Business!

It just makes so much sense. If you improve communication and your customer's experiences, they will continue to do even more business with you instead of using your competitors. Using a mobile app for your business will not only improve your communication with them but it will dramatically enhance your customer's experience with you too.


Mobile marketing has rapidly become a new way of doing business. It is now the customers who are demanding and setting new standards and conditions for businesses to meet.

By having a mobile marketing app, you will be meeting their demands and giving your customers what they want, but if you fail to keep up with your competitors, you will only be left behind.


It's true that many larger companies pay tens of thousands of pounds and thousands more per month for their mobile apps which gives them an even bigger advantage over smaller businesses. But now we are giving small businesses the chance to even up the playing field by offering them the same advantages for a fraction of the cost.

We make it so affordable that the smallest business can no longer afford NOT to have one!

Keeping Customers Engaged - Keep customers coming back for more by giving your customers a more personalised mobile experience. Keep them informed and up-to-date on new products, special offers, and the latest news at any time and anywhere.



You can reach them instantly with a simple push notification message. They can visit your business at any time via your app when it is convenient from them while they're on the go.

Reward them with in-app loyalty programs, take orders, and payment through our secured e-commerce feature. Full access to your back office for amendments and changes.

So, Why choose Marketing Madness for your mobile marketing solutions?

We offer a one-stop-shop for all your mobile marketing needs

We deliver a bespoke design for your business

We offer a Personal Support Manager

We use world-class leading mobile technology

Access to a secure online dashboard

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Own App that is Amazingly Affordable


We want to help you succeed and generate more revenue, that's why we offer full marketing support and training with our mobile marketing service.


We will design, build and deliver a revenue generating app for your business.

We will design and build an app for your business with a customised and unique design to match your brand. You will be able to update or add content at any time, you will be able to create loyalty programs and send push notifications all via our simple to use Mobile App Management System Backoffice, all with minimal risk, low cost and a high return.

Welcome To The New Generation of Mobile Apps


Combining the latest smartphone and web technology. An app that is highly discoverable.

An app that will increase customer engagement, sales and repeat business.

  • Compatible with any mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Increase visibility and get found on Google and other search engines.
  • No downloading required, launch from a URL without downloading from an app store.
  • Always up-to-date, your app is always updated with the most recent version.
  • No extra fees, no app store, registration or amendment fees to pay.


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