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Who Is MJ?

Mat Jones has spent around 30 years in the Mirco-Business Marketing industry, helping small local businesses with their marketing issues.

Mat Jones

He has a keen interest in developing innovative solutions to enable all sizes of businesses to rise to today’s unique economic challenges. He has been consulting and supporting small local businesses, and have successfully helped many small micro-businesses with their marketing.


He has traveled and spent time with many of the world’s greatest teachers in the business, marketing, psychology, NLP, and personal development.

Along the way, he has consumed and amassed immense knowledge about micro-business marketing, advertising, and sales. He has attended many business and marketing seminars and courses over the years and attained many qualifications.

He has also had the great privilege to attend as a speaker for many events, written for publications and been on the radio and international TV a few times too.


Over these years, he has built up a good understanding of marketing techniques in both the B2B and B2C environments across a wide variety of market sectors.

His knowledge and experience within the design, print, and publishing industries give him a unique advantage within the industry when it comes to advising and helping small businesses with their marketing.


His intention now is to put all of his years of experience and knowledge of small/micro business marketing and to help provide successful marketing solutions for small local businesses, by helping to unravel all the confusion, myths and secrets that the marketing industry holds and is known for.

A Personal Message from MJ

Hi, I'm MJ and I would like to share a little secret with you...


Many years ago, as a young single lad, who would have thought that we would ever see the day when would say that ‘We have had many years of experience’. That’s frightening, as it seems only a few years ago when I first started out on my own back in the early ’90s.


Now many years later, married, with 5 beautiful children, I'm sharing my years of knowledge and expertise by helping small local businesses where they need it the most.


The secret I would like to share with you is that I do not have a fancy degree in marketing, or have an academic degree and sit behind a college desk, or have spent most of my life working for the largest international conglomerates solely responsible for billions of profits.
But, I do have 30 years of experience in business and the marketing industry. Held senior sales and marketing positions, including running my own design, print, and marketing company for many years in London, working alongside hundreds of small businesses, and a few well known national and international brands too. I also ran and published a magazine called, The Success Formula back in 2000.


I set up Marketing Madness to sharing everything I know and have learned over the years that work, but most importantly, I want to provide businesses with the correct tools to do it with.


I do hope I get the chance to work with you in the near future.