Why Use Direct Mail?


Over the last 10 years, we have become numb and immune to the daily bombardment of emails asking us to buy something, to click on a link to win something, to click here and to click there, many times every day.


In fact, it happens so frequently now that we don’t even bother to open most of our emails anymore. We just scan and delete everything that’s unimportant to us. Most of us even have separate email accounts, so that when we give out an email address, it isn’t our personal account.

Have you set your “junk” or “spam” emails automatically to your junk folder and don’t even know they exist? How many times have you pressed delete without even reading the email? How many emails have you received that you weren’t sure if it was a scam? Millions of email addresses, including yours, are bought and sold every day making the amount of junk mail and spam overwhelming.

When surfing the net, does anyone even read the advertisements down the sides of the web pages anymore?
What about those annoying pop-ups? Do you click the skip button before watching an entire ad? You bet!
What about those links that are supposed to take you to a certain website that you want, but instead redirect you to somewhere completely different? Or worse, when you try to download something, and something else downloads!

With today's internet technology and know-how, anyone can seem to be a genuine and professional business offering legit items. But do we really know who’s behind that mask? The scale of scammers and con-men are increasing at an alarming rate because of the internet, preying on innocent and trusting people.

Statistics have shown that we are becoming less trusting and finding it harder to believe what we see and hear on the big wide web. With the birth of social media, anyone can say anything at any time from anywhere around the world in seconds. We are now able to talk to all types of people that we don’t even know.   


The internet has become cluttered with many people offering ‘the next biggest opportunity ever’, ‘to show you how to become an instant millionaire by doing nothing’, ‘to show you how to achieve success JUST by buying their program’ or ‘to show you your dreams if you pay them lots of money’. A large portion of people has become overwhelmed with the lack of trust towards the internet.

Because it is cheaper and easier to use email, the internet and text marketing, it has now become overloaded and crowded!
For businesses, as everyone is now using these, it has become much harder to stand-out and gains satisfying results!

Time To Do Things Differently...
And Get Yourself Noticed!


It's time for you to market yourself in a different way than all your competitors. By using the most successfully tried and tested way, you will not only stand out from your competitors but, if done correctly, you will also attain outrageous results.

Have you noticed that the amount of “junk mail” has significantly decreased in your letterbox over the last few years? That’s great news, not just for the homeowner but for businesses too.

The big question is “why?”. Now, most business owners perceive direct mail as old-fashioned and out-of-date. But the most successful businesses are using direct mail because it does yield great results. Also, as it is more costly than using emails, the internet and text marketing, most businesses fail to understand that marketing is an investment and not a cost. So then they try to spend little or no money in an attempt to gain maximum results.

With the changes that Google, Facebook, and other internet media companies are implementing, internet marketing prices are steadily increasing on a monthly basis but the results are getting smaller, there is very little that businesses can do for free or cheap online in the way of marketing now.

Scammers and con-men won’t use direct mail due to the cost, and it would be very hard to find untrustworthy businesses staying in business for long using this method.

This is fantastic news for honest business owners that are looking for a unique way to be unique in their field, to build trust and respect within their community, and to gain outstanding results.

So why use direct mail?

Because NOONE ELSE in your field is using it, and don't forget that only the most successful businesses are using it, so that is a little secret to bear in mind.

When done correctly, you are assured that your message is read and acted upon! By narrowing down the list of people you are targeting with specific demographics, your costs are reduced and your response rates will increase.
In turn, your targeted customers are more likely to become loyal ambassadors and your return on investment will be astonishing!



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