The difference between sending out printed postcards to your customers or your potential leads, then using online communication like emails, is that a printed postcard is personal, tangible, easily deliverable and very measurable.

If used correctly a postcard is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to every business.

Now-a-days people have started to enjoy receiving post again, as they are not being bombarded by junk mail throw their letterboxes as much anymore since the cost of emails are much more affordable, now everybody including all that junk mail is posted not throw your door but throw the air via your email account. Now we are bombarded with so much junk e-mails that we don’t bother opening most of them.

Unlike emails, personalised printed postcard have much higher open, read and delivery rate than emails or other online communication. The chance for a personalised printed postcard to be read is in the high 90% where an email is a very low 20% and social media is somewhere in-between. So you are assured that your personalised printed postcard will get there and read.

People love receiving real tangible and personal mail, regardless whether it is from a friend or a business, as long as it is not hard selling, boring or just junk, people are always looking for personal, friendly and of value to them, so as long as your postcards are of benefit, they will be read.

Also, printed mail is so much safer now too, as con-artists and fraudsters find it much more affordable to use emails and social media without the cost of posting letters to people, so the trust rate for the post is so much higher than using online tools for communicating.

But a lot of business owners still dismiss printing and posting postcards as it cost money and they don’t see any results. That’s because they don’t understand what they should use a postcard for or how to put one together to get MAXIMUM results.

So when you consider the cost of sending a postcard, yes it could add up a little, but in contrast, if you calculate the cost with your results, it can be very lucrative, all you need to make sure is that you have something of great value to them, a clear message and a good looking offer that they can’t refuse. (see Copywriting)

Printed Postcards can be used for so many different strategies, it should be a regular marketing tool in every business arsenal, they are very affordable and can produce highly incredible results when put together correctly.



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