The customers' buying experience is one of the most important things in your sales and marketing as this is what your customer sees and shapes how they see you.


In order to fully understand the buying experience, you must first see things from the buyer's perspective.

The buying experience includes the entire process that the buyer engages in as they move from being interested in purchasing.

Customers don’t buy just for the products. Instead, they buy for four reasons.

The benefits of that product

The results it offers

The emotions related to it

The value that's added to it


Groom your staff. It might sound obvious, but there are a large number of businesses that take them for granted. Your staff isn't you, nor do they have your knowledge, experience or even your objectives. You will need to train them and educate them on all your knowledge, services, products and know-how. Instruct them on how to cross-sale and up-sale. Coach them on interaction with customers. About how they should greet customers with a smile, always be polite and never lose their temper at any customer who may be having a bad day. They always need to give their customers a reason to come back.


Add value. Offer your customers free gifts or extra items added to their purchase. Offer them something that they can’t get anywhere else. Invite them to a VIP Membership Club where they can feel exclusive. Offer special offers and discounts just to VIP Members.

Recall to mind when delivering, handing over your product or after supplying your service to your customer, always include your business details, like a flyer, brochure or a business card. Do this so they can remember you and know how to contact you when they need you again. Collect their details and don’t leave repeat business to chance. It’s your business, so it’s your job to keep in touch and let them know you are always there for them when they need you.


Always deliver a buying experience that exceeds expectations. Make sure to deliver a happy and memorable experience to your customers as they will always remember it, whether it is good or bad. Focus on moving your customer to the next step by providing them with what they want and need.

Remember that every buyer wants two things. First, they want help making better decisions and second, they want it easy to make the buying decision. Think of it as one very happy customer is equal to ten new customers.



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