Your Blueprint to

Setting up a Successful

Online Presence



1 - Create a Listening Station.

(Step number one, actively monitor what’s being said to you, about you, about your market, your competitors, by your customers.)


2 - Set-up a Content Calendar.

(Create a list of 12 monthly themes.)


3 - Create Content In an eBook and Printed Materials.

(Create a valuable content Booklet/eBook that will be the backbone for your lead capture program. Create the foundation for trust-building.)


4 - Get More Sharable.

(Audit everything you’re putting out there and make it easier to share. Add ways for people to share all your online and printed materials.)


5 - Clean-Up Or Set Up Your Content Delivery Platform.

(Content delivery means your blog, podcast, videos, eBooks, newsletters, emails, landing pages and other tools around the web such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkin and Twiter, etc.)


6 - Become Serious About Landing Pages.

(Start creating landing pages and drive people to get your content, to download that eBook or order your printed material, or for very specific purposes such as signing up for your email newsletter, even to attend a free educational online seminar or for specific events or presentations.)


7 - Revamp your Email Communication.

(Start creating your email newsletters as well as employing autoresponders to help follow-up with prospects and customers. By adding a monthly content

theme, the material you’ll produce a far more valuable newsletter that people want to receive.)


8 - Tackle Social Profiles.

(Start looking at and creating your social media profiles - a serious consideration should be focused on which ones would work best. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Instagram and Pinterest, etc.)


9 - Address Social Integration.

(Choose the social network that allows you to reach the greatest number of prospects. Depending upon your business this might be LinkedIn or even Facebook. - Focus on one or two prime objectives in your social media participation - Share your ideas instead of always pitching for business, have active conversations and engagement with prospects. - Create a list of potential strategic partners. - Create and share good content. - Merge on and offline social networking. It is important to learn how to engage in a way that attracts leads and converts them into paying customers.)


10 - Work Out Conversions.

(Focus should be on the conversion process, too many businesses focus on generating traffic, fans and friends and email subscribers but not enough focus on conversions to paying customers. - Set up goals for newsletter and eBooks. - Create visual funnels that lead to all product or service opportunities. - Create Tracked Links for all campaigns, and identify your top three traffic conversion channels. - Enlist referral and content swap partners.)


11 - Start Employing Smart Advertising.

(Your advertising will get far more effective if you can use it to create awareness with a strong content offer, by having a firm foothold in social networks and by testing and measuring all your conversion tactics, prepare to capture all your leads and build the kind of trust that helps you fully monetize your traffic.)


12 - Develop Mobile Friendliness.

(Tap into the rapidly increasing mobile market. Soon, almost every one of our prospects and customers will have a mobile device that will allow them to shop, search and locate things they intend to buy. Make sure that your content is ready for consumption on all mobile devices.)




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