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QRC Marketing

Seamless Integration of offline-online-mobile marketing


QR Codes should be an indispensable part of every business's marketing strategy, as they provide a direct link from offline to the online world. It produces countless possibilities to engage users in many positive ways. From simple information, such as contact details, event dates, and product descriptions, to special promotions and discounts, etc.

You can direct your customers virtually anywhere, you can send them to a web page displaying an offer, an event calendar, or even to your blog, all from a single scan from one's mobile.


By scanning the QR Code, potential customers are instantly more engaged with your marketing message. They have actively chosen to request further information.


The customers are, therefore, more involved and retain the information received longer in their memory. This advantage is not to be underestimated, as consumers are confronted with hundreds of advertising messages each day.


QR Codes establish direct contact with you and your customers and promotes a dialog with them. For example, it can provide the user with the possibility to deliver feedback on products or services.

No special equipment is required, apart from a smartphone and there are no intermediaries or distractions between you and the user.


They are specifically targeted to mobile users, they help to reach your audience at any time and place with any message.


There are so many ideas you can use a QR Code effectively in your marketing, and unlimited places you can put them. On your business cards, flyers, banners, and stationery have labels & stickers printed, on all your packaging, on your clothing, menus, tickets and even your vehicles.

Anywhere and everywhere that people are and can see it.


Point the code to a specific interest, such as an event you are hosting, or information on a specific product, nutritional information, a free giveaway, or a promotional offer, even just your contact details.


The possibilities are endless, making it a VALUABLE & IMPORTANT part of your marketing.


Take your prospector to where you need them to go, whether it is to an information page, contact page, a promotional offer page or just to your website or app.

 With a QR Code, you can get them there with ease.

Create a digital business card, add a link to

a video, promote an event or send

them to your social media

sites, you choose,

it's your




We offer your business a QR Marketing Support Management Service, where we Build, Run, Maintain and Support your QR campaigns on a regular basis.