Book a date and invite your top 20% of customers and the media for the Launch Event/Open-day.



12 Reasons to hold an

Open Day/Launch Event:



1) Exhibit and display your Full Range of Work or Products you offer.

    Show what you do and display the quality and/or workmanship.

    (Publicity & Promoting Product Awareness)

2) Build a Stronger Relationship with your best customers.


3) Introduce any new JV Programs.

(Generating JV’s Partnerships)


4) Introduce a new ‘Recommend and Referral System’ to your best

    customers. (New Customer Recommendation Generator)
5) Introduce a new ‘Loyalty System’ to your best customers.

(New Customer Recommendation Generator)

6) Produce Testimonial Videos (for your Testimonial Management System) 

    with your best customers, and get them to fill out a Questionnaire.

    Collect Testimonials, Endorsements. (Testimonials and Endorsements)
7) Ask Questions. Ask your best customers to fill out a Customer Feedback

    form, for Customer Feedback to find out what they think of you


8) Promote any New Product, Services and any New Market Avenues.

(Publicity & Promoting Product Awareness)

9) An opportunity to gather contact details by introducing a Newsletter.

(Customer Loyalty & Retention Generator)

10) A good excuse to invite the Local Press and Media is to do some FREE   

      PR. Video the whole day. (Free Media Coverage)
11) Put on a nice display of refreshments and drinks or Test and Try Your

      Products for your best customers. (Great Time)
12) Everyone loves to be invited and to be made special for a day and to have

      free food and drink. They will remember you for a long time. (Loyalty)



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