Having a great, irresistible offer is paramount to a successful campaign. Your offer needs to have a strong and powerful pull towards the sale.


All offers should always display the following:
Price or Alternative
Discount (Optional)
Mega Bonuses
‘Call To Action’
Instructions Of Exactly What To Do

Your offer doesn’t have to be a discount. An offer is a package you offer for an exchange. It must be a strong, desirable offer that compels people to buy from you. Use your prices, bonuses, and scarcity to entice a sale.

It wouldn’t cost you much more to go that extra mile and offer one or two extra touches that would improve your customer's buying experience with you and improve your bottom line.

This is something only you can set. You will need to work out what you need and want from your products and/or services. Having a fair price is always a winner, but there are many factors to think about when pricing your products and/or services.

Alternative to price

If you are offering something for free or an alternative to the price, you must have it clearly displayed.

Discount (Optional)
This is optional. By offering a discount, you could persuade prospects to buy where they would not have done so otherwise. When offering a discount, it is paramount that there is a cut-off deadline to show that this is a genuine offer and is limited instead of being just a regular discount.

By adding valuable bonuses, you will help convince your prospects to buy from you. Bonuses strengthen offers making them more valuable and appealing. Make your bonus more valuable and appealing than the offer itself without costing you any extra. Bonuses work very well when placed correctly.


This is a powerful tactic as it gives a sense of exclusiveness and missing out. People don’t like to miss out on things, especially if it is an exclusive offer or a limited one.

This is paramount. Your offer must have a deadline date or a limited number of sales. Making your offer exclusive, limited within a certain time and having or a restricted quantity is a very powerful strategy. It also shows that your offer is not just a regular offer and is instead a genuine one.

Call To Action
Your ‘Call to Action’ is your urgent message and instructions of what to do and by when!

Make all of your instructions very clear, tell your customers exactly what you want them to do, or where you want them to go, ie; 'Visit your website or landing page, pop into your shop or business, call a hotline number or post something to you.'

Have clarity on how they can pay for it, what they pay and what they get in return as bonuses or any other free gifts etc.



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