What does it mean to consider yourself as an authority?

Someone who is seen to be the expert in their field.

Personal branding lets you control and influence others on how you want them to see and perceive you. It puts you in control of how they think of you.

Personal Branding allows you to tell others 'who you are' and 'what you stand for'. It becomes a powerful, positive and clear message to everyone that you target. You will instantly come to mind when needed to help solve a problem that your product or service can solve.

Once you have your Personal Brand in place, people will start unobtrusively being attracted to you as the go-to expert. It'll be as if your expertise and authority have organically grown around them. It will seem like you have been around for a very long time and they will feel that they can trust you.

People will start coming to you, rather than you trying to find them. It will create a perception of value in the mind of others. It will give them a reason to like, love and trust you. You will automatically become an influence within your community.

The idea that personal branding is reserved only for the rich and famous is a misconception.

Why is it that some businesses with less ability just consistently get much more business than others?

Once people see you as a brand figure, they will automatically see you as an authority.

As a culture, we have now become obsessed with brand figures, rich and famous people. We perceive that if they are a brand, they are someone we should worship and follow.
Brand figures have a large amount of influence over their fans which businesses can also have. Once a customer becomes a fan of that business, loyalty sits in and they become a worshiper of your business.

Your personal brand is your company brand. By having a personal (me) brand is a hundred times more relative to people than just a business brand. Who would you trust - a real person or a business that has no face? Who is more likely to do the right thing - a business or a real person? People trust people, not businesses or corporations as a real person has more at stake. Their personal reputation and respect are held to account.

What benefits does being an authority and having a brand have to offer? It makes you different. You will be seen as original and as a leader instead of a follower, which build confidence and respect.

It makes you look superior. It elevates you from rest and gives you the perceived image that you are amongst the best. This, in turn, gives the impression that you offer a better service and better results.

It makes you authentic. This is because people can see through fake imitations and a fake will not last long before being found out. So anyone in this position must have some authenticity about them which builds trust.

It makes you trustworthy. It tells prospects that you can be trusted and that can expect you to follow through your promises.


It makes you influential. Like a film or pop star, your brand and authority will become influential over your customers and raving fans.

It makes you known. Business is based on good relationships. People who know, like and respect you will trust and use you resulting in your reputation and character-building value.

It makes you irresistible. People will love you, you will be no longer anonymous and your name, expertise, and strengths will become known. Business will start coming to you without you having to chase after it.

It makes you credible. When you're well known, people will perceive that you are better than good! That is the mindset of people. People will look up to you, trust and believe you.

It makes you prestigious. Prestige comes from accomplishment, position, and knowledge.

It makes you recognisable. You will be seen not just standing out from the crowd, but standing away from everyone else. You will be a celebrity in your field and your community.

It makes you valuable to your customer. Your customers will recognise that your relationship with them adds value to your service. Value promotes knowledge, intelligence, and honesty that will enhance sales.

As an authority, branding always works, but many business owners claim that it doesn’t. It does, but not the way they might think it should. Good branding always works, branding is a part of your marketing it is not a direct selling strategy. Branding will not bring customers in on its own, but when done properly will enhance your sale dramatically.

Brands and authority take time to build and develop. they grow organically and demand consistency and clarity. People don’t care about your business, so you must tell them why they should use you rather than your competitors.



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