The Answer To Generating More Business and Making More Profit



In today's business environment, we have more competition in every business sector than ever before and unfortunately, this is just getting worse.


Businesses are rapidly losing their share of their customers on a daily basis. Taking out more ads, producing new business literature and recruiting more sale staff won't change the fact that customers have far more choice of businesses to choose from nowadays, and many of them are no longer choosing the same companies they used to use anymore.


Just because you have an ad or a brochure or some kind of printed literature telling people that you provide a service or sell a product, doesn’t automatically mean that people will buy from you.


So What Can Business Owners Do About It?

Most businesses find themselves in financial trouble due to a lack of customers regardless of their well intentional efforts. It’s not just the amount of time or the effort they put into their business that will pay dividends, nor is it the knowledge they have about their skill or profession.


It is mostly about the knowledge and your understanding of marketing, advertising, public relations, and the media, knowing how it all works and the psychology of your customers - What makes them buy from you or your competitors.


It's knowing how to get your message out effectively across to your customers amongst all your competitors who are also fighting for the same customers, it is the understanding of what your customers want and when they want it, what problems they need solving and why, and most importantly, it’s ‘how’ you let them know that you can provide the solutions to their problems.


There are so many more competitors fighting over fewer customers today, it is no wonder that so many businesses are folding up or struggling despite their potential.  You need to be doing much more than just taking out more ads, producing new business literature and recruiting more sale staff. 


You need to be seen doing things differently, you need to give your customers real reasons to shop with you and not your competitors, not just by offering a good price or service, those days are long gone.


Businesses need to make much more of an impression to impress their customers today.

- You need to know how to communicate with your customers better than your competitors.

- You need to know what inspires and motivates them to buy.

- You need to know how to keep your customers happier.

- You need to know how to build loyalty and retention.

- You need to know what makes your customers stay up all night excited about your business.

- You also need to know what works and what doesn’t.

-  And you need to know ‘what’ and ‘how’ to write your message in such a way that it produces an impact on your results, whether it is to an existing customer or a prospect.


Customer retention is one of the most critical challenges businesses face today.

Every business from one-man bands to large corporations need customers and it is much more expensive to gain a new customer than to keep one.


It costs a lot of money to generate leads and convert them into spending money with you and build a recognisable and trusting brand. In fact, it costs over seven times more to attract new customers than it is to retain them, but this is not what most businesses do. So why do some many businesses fail to keep their customers? 


Most businesses owners are happy with just the occasional purchase from their customers but in doing so they are in fact providing a disservice to their customers.


Marketing retention is an investment and a very wise one.  You could be leaving so much money on the table by not taking the time to show them that you really care and appreciate them. Its all about building solid and trusting relationships that help to build momentum, retention and referrals.


Sometimes the biggest change doesn’t start with our business, it starts with us.

Some will find this harder than others, but by changing the way we think and our attitudes, by reaching out and learning from more experienced people, we can then start to focus on what we need to do and how we can do things better for our business.  We will start to see bigger and better results, but we must first start with ourselves. Sometimes we just need a little help, guidance and advice from others.


We Must Face The Consequences Of Our Actions!

Every action has consequences, whether we do something or not.

By not doing anything at all, you will gain nothing! Or at the very least the same as you have started with.


But by taking a look at our business and refocusing it in the right direction, no matter how small, will pay dividends in the long run. 

As business owners, we tend to be too close to our businesses to see what is wrong, so it makes seance to use an outsider’s viewpoint to see our problems and how to navigate our way out.




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