30 Point Strategical Marketing Plan


1) Establish Your Personal and Business Goals.

2) Identify your Top 20% of Customers. (Generating 80% your income)

3) Identify your Key Products, your Most Profitable Products.

4) Identify your Least Preferred and Least Profitable Products.

5) Identify or choose your Ideal Markets by using;

  • Using Questionnaires
  • Surveys
  • Business Comparison Strategy.

6) Create a ‘Preferred Customer Profile’ to Identify your ideal customer.

7) Identify or create your USP.

8) Identify your Core Marketing Goals.

9) Re-look at and Work-on all of your; Image, Branding and “Message”   

    How you want others to see you.


Set in Place Systems for a Successful Prospecting and Buying Cycle:


10) Develop a database and strategy to collect all Contact Information.

      from your customer’s, potential prospects and Leads.

11) Set up an ‘Automated Hour-Glass Lead Generating System.’

      To collect leads and to convert potential prospects into happy regular

      buying, high paying and referring customers.

12) Put in place a ‘Follow Up System.’ For all your existing customer base

      and Leads.

13) Set up a ‘Referral System.’ For both your existing customer base

      and potential customers.

14) Put in place a ‘Repeat and Retention System.’

      To generate more business from your existing customer base.

15) Set up a ‘Regular Communication Network System’.

      Stay in touch and keep in regular contact to build good strong relations

      with all your existing customer base and potential customers.

      Including; Newsletters, Social Media, Emails, Website, etc.

16) Put in place a ‘Two-Way Communication System’,

      A way to listen clearly to your customers and to learn from them.

17) Develop a ‘Testimonial Management System’ Utilize the power of

      testimonial by regularly requesting, collecting and using positive

      feedback, recommendations and endorsements.

18) Set up Strategical Joint Venture Alliance’s’. Build a strong strategical

      alliance with other businesses to achieve a common goal by leveraging

      and duplicating each other for maximum results.

19) Prepare and set up an ‘Authority and Market Leadership

      Marketing Strategy’.

20) Prepare and set up an ‘Educational Content Marketing Strategy’.

21) Put in place a ‘Video Marketing Strategy,’

22) Put together a strong ‘Online and Multi-Media Presence’.

      Build strong relationships via your Website, Mobile Apps, Social Media,

      Email, PPC, LP’s, YouTube, etc.

23) Put in place an ‘Online Marketing, Lead Generation and Email

      Marketing Strategy,’ Via your Website, Mobile Apps, Social Media,

      Email, PPC, LP’s, YouTube, etc.

24) Work on your Offers - Also Your Risk Reversal and Return Policies.

25) Create an ‘Online Ordering and Delivery Strategical System.’

26) Work out your ‘Product Pricing Strategy and Marketing Budget.’

27) Work on all your ‘Marketing Strategies and Tactics’.

28) Set up and put in place a ‘Sales Management and Training System’.

29) Prepare and set up a complete ‘Template Structure.

30) Work on your Promotional Marketing Literature. Including your;

      Ads, Website, Social Media, Educational Content, Landing Pages, etc.



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