Exceed Your Clients Expectations

Why Should Every Business Have An App?

People spend more time using apps than any other media, including TV and 91% of mobile users keep their phones with them at all times, even when they go to the bathroom and to bed.


A mobile app is an incredible way to connect with your customers and open new communication channels. Having an app can help you get more customers, book more appointments, increase revenue and build loyalty.

Keeping Customers Engaged - Keep your clients coming back by giving your customers a more personalized mobile experience. Keep them informed and up-to-date on new products, special offers and the latest news at anytime and anywhere.

You can reach them with a simple push notification message as everyone keeps their mobile devices in their pockets at all times. They can also visit your business via your app when it is convenient from them while they're on the go.

Better Communication Between You and Your Customers

= Better Business!



It just makes so much sense. If you improve communication and your customer's experiences, they will continue to do even more business with you instead of your competitors. Using a mobile app for your business will not only improve your communication with them but it will dramatically enhance your customer's experience with you.


Mobile marketing is rapidly becoming a new way of doing business. It is now the customers who are demanding and setting new standards and conditions for businesses to meet.

By having a mobile marketing app, you will be meeting their demands and giving them what they want, but if you fail to keep up you will only be left behind.


It's true that many larger companies pay tens of thousands of pounds and thousands more per month for their mobile apps which give them an even bigger advantage over smaller businesses. But now we are giving small businesses the chance to even up the playing field by offering them the same advantages for a fraction of the cost,. We make it so affordable that the smallest business can no loner afford NOT to have one!

We want to help you succeed and generate more revenue, that's why we offer full marketing support and training with our mobile marketing service.



The Power Of The App

Having your own app for your business will create better brand recognition and you will become more visible to your customers.

It will improve customer engagement, communication, provide an increased value to your customer and offer a better customer experience.


By providing a direct marketing channel direct to your customers, it will make you stand out from your competitors and will create a loyal, devoted relationship between you and your customer. It will be like having your business within their pockets and willultimately increase your business and bottom line.


Mobile phone users love apps - so far over 50 Billion apps have been

downloaded from the iphone app store alone!



The Power Of The Push Notification

Push notifications are a great tool to improve customer communication and increase engagement. They have a huge return on investment for small businesses!


They allow businesses to keep in closer contact with all their customers by communicating with them directly via their phone without any distractions or interference from competitors.


Over 70% of consumers feel that in-app push notifications are valuable to them.

They offers consumers relevant updates, discounts and advanced warnings of any news, offers and deals. they produce a massive 97% response rate with over 90% of consumers responding within just 3 minutes of receiving them.




The Power Of Loyalty Programs

Don’t underestimate the power of rewards.

The cost of acquiring a new customer is more than SEVEN TIMES HIGHER than the cost of keeping them.

Around 70% of customers are lost every year because of the lack of loyalty. By offering an in-app loyalty program (QR codes, discount vouchers, mobile stamp-card or a reward point systems), you will not only save money but will also

build a stronger loyal customer base.


Statistics show that over 60% of mobile shoppers switched brands because they don't offer a mobile loyalty program. 




The Power Of Mobile Food Ordering & Shopping


This feature offers businesses a time saving and money generating system.

70% of smartphone users place orders via their phone, which represents over 30% of overall daily takings for businesses that use this feature. Users spend 20% more on their order via their mobile app than calling in. This frees up more time and produces fewer mistakes which ultimately save businesses money. 


M-commerce (mobile) is quickly overtaking e-commerces (Traditional websites), taking around 45% of the total e-commerces market within just a few years. The preferred method of mobile shopping is now via their app. By building an in-app marketplace or by integrating your existing online store with your app, you will enhance your customer's shopping experience, making them happeir to stay with you and help you keep your business ahead of your competitors.



The Power Of Mobile Booking & Reservation System


Another great money and time saving feature.

This feature lets your customers conveniently schedule appointments and bookings at any time anywhere via their phone. No need to take on extra staff or interrupt your already busy staff just to answer the phone to take orders or bookings. 


It allows you to send out reminders, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing no-shows. 35% of customers would prefer the convince of scheduling appointments or reservations during non-business hours. Offering an app-reservation and booking service could boost appointments by 25%.


This feature works well for many businesses like restaurants, health & beauty, estate agents, professional services and tradesman, etc.



The Power Of Mobile Engagement


Better engagement means happier loyal customers.

When you engage with your customers, magic happens. You draw them closer to your business. Customer engagement is one of the most important elements to the marketing and by engaging your customers, you will creates relationships that lead to trust that then builds and develops into long-term loyalty.

More than 80% of customers prefer using mobile apps to traditional websites, spending over 90% of their mobile time usage on apps with users checking their phones more than 150 times per day (that's every 6 minutes).


This opens up huge potential for businesses to use the power of a mobile app to build a stronger relationship with their customers.

They will be queuing up to use your business.

All of this makes our mobile apps the most affordable and cost effective marketing tool you will need. We offer a professionally designed app service with all of these features to fit your brand and image.



The Power Of Reviews


Having good reviews are paramount for a successful business, it shows others that you are highly recommended and worth every penny. Our review feature is a powerful marketing tool that helps to create credibility and turns your satisfied customers into brand advocates of your business. It prompts and allows your customers to review your business on the top recommended review sites that are linked seamlessly from your app, saving you and your customer time and effort. Good reviews produce indirect referrals for your business, it allows your customers to help influence others without knowing them personally.



2000+ Million Users will make a mobile
transaction by the end of 2017 - this year!

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Own App that is Amazingly Affordable


We will design, layout and build your own app for you with a customised and unique design to match your brand. Then we will configure and publish it for you to the app stores. You can then update it at anytime or add content. Also you will be able to create vouchers and send push notifications all via our simple to use Mobile App Management System with a minimal risk, low cost, high return and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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