Terms and Conditions for the C-19 SBMFund


Please make sure you understand the terms & conditions clearly before making any commitment.

The Covid-19 SBMFund is a charitable fund set up by Marketing Madness during the Covid19 Pandemic to help support small businesses and the self-employed with their mobile marketing challenges with social distancing by keeping customers at a distance while working remotely from home.


The Covid-19 SBMFund will provide funds towards the setup fee, and the monthly running cost, hosting, and maintenance of the apps for the agreed period.

All funds our kindly donated by our partners and sponsors. 


We will build, run, and support small businesses and the self-employed with a mobile marketing app including features such as:

  • Mobile Loyalty Programs
  • Event Calendar Features
  • Dynamic Content inc One-Touch Direct Calling Facilities
  • Product Display Facilities
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Social Media Integration
  • Push Notification Messaging Service
  • Fully Secured E-commerce Shopping Cart and Food Ording Facilities
  • Secured Management Back-office
  • Phone & Email Support and Online Training

After the application has been approved and processed, the recipient after paying a percentage of the original cost of the one-off setup fee will receive a fully functional 'PWA Mobile Marketing App' with e-commerce facilities. This will include a secured management password protected back-office to populate and to amend any changes.


Support and training to use and to populate the app will be provided via online training videos and telephone/email support.

No other payments or payment details will be taken for the app until the end of the agreed period unless otherwise agreed upon. We will contact the recipient towards the end of your period of funded uses.


As long as the recipient agrees to continue with the app, (and only then) we will set up a monthly payment method starting from as little as £20 per month depending on the type of agreement. All agreements will be supported by our 2-Year Price Promise Guarantee.


The recipient can cancel the agreement at any time during the agreement as long as they provide 30-days of notice before canceling, otherwise, charges may be applied.


Our current APP prices for 2020/2021


After the agreed funded uses, the recipient can choose to continue with their app by choosing one of three different types of agreements, APPlight, AppPlus, & ProApp Unlimited.



The Applight version comes with;

  • 6 standard features
  • Unlimited push-notification service
  • Secured back-office access

(Normally one-off setup fee of £99.95*)  -  £240 per year at £20 per month



The AppPlus version comes with;

  • 6 standard features
  • Unlimited push-notification service
  • Secured back-office access
  • Full e-commerce** facilities


(Normally one-off setup fee of £149.95*)  -  £300 per year at £25 per month



The ProApp-Unlimited version comes with;

  • Unlimited number of features
  • Unlimited push-notification service
  • Secured back-office access
  • Full e-commerce** facilities

(Normally one-off setup fee of £199.95*)  -   £396 per year at £33 per month



All three versions come with (as standard):

  1. Mobile Loyalty Programs
  2. Event Calendar Features
  3. Contact Features (including One-Touch Direct Calling and Email Facilities)
  4. Product Display Facilities
  5. Reviews and Testimonials
  6. Social Media Integration
  • Unlimited use of the push notification messaging service with no fees, commissions, or restrictions.
  • Access to their own secured password-protected management back-office.
  • Phone & email support, and online training.
  • 2-year price promise guarantee.

*  Setup fee. A one-off setup fee of just £49.95 already paid. No further setup fee to pay.

** E-commerce facilities are unlimited with no commissions, fees, or restrictions.



Our current CHATBOT prices for 2020/2021



This is more of a bespoke product depending on your needs but a basic chatbot starts from just a one-off setup fee of £295, then a monthly fee starting from just £40 per month.



Our current CHATBOT and APP Package Deals for 2020/2021


Our ProApp-Unlimited + ChatBot Package

A ProApp-Unlimited App with a basic chatbot included

One-off setup fee of just £399.99 for both the app and the chatbot setup.

Then a monthly fee starting from just £60 per month.


Save £95 on the setup + £180 per year Savings on monthly running fees.



Each funded app has been kindly funded by our partners and sponsors. In return, each funded app is obligated to provide a link to the sponsor's website for a minimum of up to 12 months.

Our Price Promise


Due to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 epidemic, the coming recession, and of course Brexit, we do not know what challenges lie ahead for businesses over the next few years, so for peace of mind and reassurance, we will be offering a 2-year price promise guarantee.


We promise that we will not increase the price of the app agreements for a minimum of 2 years.

The recipient can cancel the agreement at any time during the agreement as long as they provide 30-days notice before canceling. Otherwise, charges may be applied.

Reserve the Right

We reserve the right to withdraw and ban any recipients that are found to be displaying any offensive messages or causing abuse of any kind.


We also reserve the right to withdraw and ban any recipients without refund from the platform if they are found using the platform for any other purpose than to promote their business in an ethical manner under the discernment of Marketing Madness.


Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse, withdraw, and ban any recipient from the platform without refund if found displaying any sexual, violent, or offensive nature of any content.

The recipient cannot exploit sensitive political or religious issues for commercial gain or promote extreme political or extreme religious agendas or any known associations with hate, criminal or terrorist activities.


We reserve the right to uphold the law protected by the European Convention on Human Rights Act, Human Rights Act & the United Nations General Assembly Act, giving corporations or individuals the right to refuse service to customers based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”


Marketing Madness will not accept any recipient that, in our sole opinion, is not in good taste. We will not permit the placement of an app for illegal or objectionable products, services, or advertising that is of a hate nature or is offensive to any individual or group of individuals based on age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, or disability.


We also reserve the right to refuse any recipient we deem contrary to the best interests of Marketing Madness.